last night was spent assembling the “pre-assembled” furniture i had on order, which was incredibly frustrating until i realized that they provide you with a screwdriving tool in the box.  so now, almost two and a half weeks later, i am able to eat/study at a table and with chairs- thank-you mum and dad!  that said, i sincerely hope that this is the last time i have to invite delivery/installation/repair guys into my apartment, as so far the overwhelming experience i have had is one of feeling very vulnerable and uncomfortable.

yesterday’s delightful characters not only brought in the wrong delivery (i had to call them as they were leaving and have them lug the armoire they had left in the kitchen back down three flights of stairs), they also took off with my landlady’s refrigerator and dishwasher.  this, even though after asking me whether these were broken or not and having me explicitly tell them i didn’t know and that they did not belong to me.  the one guy kept pulling down his sunglasses to give me the full benefit of his creepy wolfish stare, while trying to sweettalk me and asking where my ‘petit ami’ (that’d be francais for boyfriend) was, and so forth.  the deadbolt was definitely in place the second i closed the door.  sears canada, why?


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