sausage-stuffed potatoes

first of all, no, that is not cheese. it is a glorified mayonnaise, browned under the broiler. secondly, it is terrifyingly cold outside (minus 20 degrees C this morning), and the siren call of this semester’s coursework has lost something of its original charm. result: i have been finding all kinds of ways to prolong the pain of reading yet another dissertation on time (oh, the irony) by diverting myself in the kitchen. these definitely aren’t much to look at, but they are extremely satisfying to smell cooking in the oven/to eat.

this is an old recipe from smitten kitchen.  i substituted the breakfast sausage for smoked (note: precooked), and used red potatoes rather than russet.

  1. Leanne said:

    I gagged at the mention of broiled mayo. and i’m about to go to sleep. i hope i don’t dream about it.

  2. asiaminor said:

    i definitely thought of you.

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