Monthly Archives: January 2011

this weekend marked the coldest consecutive days of the winter to date: current temperature, -19C/-29C with windchill (trust me, it feels more like the latter).  despite this, a surprising amount of time was spent walking around outside, which isn’t actually too bad if you’re wearing crazy amounts of layers, like i was. the only downside to not yet owning a balaclava is that within five minutes i lost the ability to move any part of my face. the first few pictures are from a birthday dinner friday night; the guest of honour treated us to a traditional iranian dinner, whose spiced lentils i still can’t get off my tastebuds. so delicious.  the second set of pictures are from a hike up mont royal today, this being the “mountain” behind mcgill, which people ski and snow tube on in the colder seasons.


Coconut Oil Dark Chocolate

This took literally two minutes to put together, and less than half an hour to freeze. Dark and rich, and perfect for settling the panic that set in when I realized my chocolate chip stash had run out (though god forbid this becomes a regular occurrence). Adapted from this recipe.

1 T coconut oil
2T cocoa powder
1 T honey
Blend together in small bowl until combined. Line a small container or plate with wax paper or saran wrap. Spread mixture evenly (you can tell I struggled with this step) along bottom, put in freezer until set. Cut into pieces. This makes one small but dense chocolate bar.

first of all, no, that is not cheese. it is a glorified mayonnaise, browned under the broiler. secondly, it is terrifyingly cold outside (minus 20 degrees C this morning), and the siren call of this semester’s coursework has lost something of its original charm. result: i have been finding all kinds of ways to prolong the pain of reading yet another dissertation on time (oh, the irony) by diverting myself in the kitchen. these definitely aren’t much to look at, but they are extremely satisfying to smell cooking in the oven/to eat.

this is an old recipe from smitten kitchen.  i substituted the breakfast sausage for smoked (note: precooked), and used red potatoes rather than russet.

much as i like the knife and massive attack, jose gonzalez’s covers of their songs remain my favorites. huge flakes of snow have been coming down all morning, have been staring up at the sky to make it look like time is slowing down.

i hadn’t seen the video for cocorosie’s “lemonade” until today, not exactly what i had imagined it would be. i don’t know if it was the bearded ladies, or the overall creepy feel of it, but i prefer to think of this as a beachy song. anyone?