Monthly Archives: February 2011

realizing that i couldn’t possibly use up several cups of fresh cheese on my own in a week-long period, i decided to make a couple batches of pasta-less vegetarian lasagna, based rather loosely on this recipe. to be honest, i didn’t consult the recipe at all (i did however borrow the idea of replacing the noodle sheets with slices of baking potatoes, alternating with zucchini that i drizzled in olive oil and rubbed with salt for added flavour). i like to try out gluten-free recipes when i can, as there are some dietary restrictions in my circle that make palatable substitutions something to keep an eye out for. i was pretty satisfied with how this turned out; bonus smugness points for making the cheese, too!


my friend came over yesterday with the specific intention to make cheese, and make merry. and cheese-making is a merry activity, as it turns out.

we followed instructions from here and here. it was a fairly simple process, because it only requires two ingredients: goat milk and lemon juice. because i didn’t bother taking any pictures while we were putting it all together, i will spare you (the directions on both websites are fairly straight-forward, too). a litre of goat milk will yield about a cup of cheese, less if you use a milk with a lower fat content. also, we let the first batch strain for an hour, but the consistency was creamier for the ones we left for only fifteen minutes or so.

awkward moment when the repair guy (hired by my landlord) let himself in unexpectedly, only to find a kitchen full of hanging sacks of soft cheese and the table littered with stuffed olives and flatbreads. even more awkward because it was the wrong apartment, but that’s my building for you.

this was delicious today with salt and fresh basil folded in.


late night snack? stuffing fresh dates with unripened goat’s cheese. pretty simple method: make an incision down the front of the date to remove the pit, and place a teaspoon of the cheese in the cavity. i wouldn’t recommend trying this with dried dates though, they have a stringier consistency whereas the fresh ones are rich and almost chocolatey.