on dermatology…

Some excerpts pulled from a dermatology book I’m using as reference for a term paper; the publishing date on it is 1981 (Crissey and Parish, M.D.). Sure feel like I’m learning a lot about skin…:

“It is the product of some 80 years of intensive work by a group of men as varied as the fungi they studied…”

“It was largely through the influence of Cabanis that soon after his graduation in 1799 Alibert became a full attending at l’Hopital St. Louis. The post was not the juiciest of plums.”

“In defiance of the King the famous meeting of the National Assembly took place in an abandoned tennis court from which the members emerged in the mood of a bear with shingles…”

“We find them in October 1808, for example, engaged in one of their many projects- inoculating one another in the forearm with material from a cancer of the breast (with negative results)- and that, we suppose, is as close as physicians ever come to the blood-brother rituals of olden times.”

[Following a block quote describing the usefulness of a medical text as a diagnostic tool] “To those remarks nothing need be added but a “Well said, Dr. Green.”

“The Morrow mentioned was not a royal personage, despite his princely Christian name…”

“Dark enough to be mistaken for a Spaniard, Vidal was by all accounts a handsome figure, even after he lost his hair, demonstrating once again that some of us are capable of emerging from that calamity with a large measure of our appeal intact. Vidal was also a snappy dresser…”

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