gluten-free veggie lasagna

realizing that i couldn’t possibly use up several cups of fresh cheese on my own in a week-long period, i decided to make a couple batches of pasta-less vegetarian lasagna, based rather loosely on this recipe. to be honest, i didn’t consult the recipe at all (i did however borrow the idea of replacing the noodle sheets with slices of baking potatoes, alternating with zucchini that i drizzled in olive oil and rubbed with salt for added flavour). i like to try out gluten-free recipes when i can, as there are some dietary restrictions in my circle that make palatable substitutions something to keep an eye out for. i was pretty satisfied with how this turned out; bonus smugness points for making the cheese, too!

  1. Leanne said:

    my brain doesn’t want to recognize this as lasagna.

  2. asiaminor said:

    g-f and dairy-free options tend to have that effect on people, so it’s understandable! i would say try it, but i know how h is about potatoes.

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