i’ve been m.i.a with a full-time summer job, thesis research/writing, and getting my parents’ home ready for sale with renos and packing galore. i feel like the entire summer has just sort of slipped by with barely an acknowledgment: no beach swims (late summer weather pushed that back), minimal picnicking, no fig picking (yet! i have hope), and lots of time spent at the library staring out at the trees outside from behind dusty windows.

BUT! i have beenĀ  listening to plenty of music, filling myself with fresh berries and other seasonal produce, and have reacquainted myself with the local value village. so much so, in fact, that the manager has been urging me to become a club card holder. yes, i have a problem.

have been consoling myself that there are far worse ways to have spent a summer vacation, and knowing full well that this is the last “break” in a long time that i will be kept in on a weekend night because i am busily poring over eighteenth-century obstetric manuscripts. might be something i look back to longingly this time next year, who knows. anyway here’s some wanda jackson:



we saw the civil wars play at the rio theatre in east van this weekend, and they were amazing, as expected. after they finished their set the crowd gave them a standing ovation that brought them out for this little cover, and the leonard cohen one i posted a few months back. it was interesting having a concert in a movie theatre, what with the cinema seating and the smell of buttered popcorn wafting down the rows during set changes. if they are playing in your area i highly recommend seeing them, really great on-stage chemistry.


showing my apartment in the middle of the day, every day, is getting a bit tiresome. there is so much to do and because i wake up so early i start getting antsy around 10AM, knowing i’ve still got another two hours of waiting for someone to maybe show up on time, but most likely to sleep in and arrive an hour later. i’m about halfway through my final paper-writing, which is a good sign. knock on wood i’ll be able to put them away early so as to re-acquaint myself with spring in the city.